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Crime Scene Investigation Camp
Summer 2007

An Introduction

In cooperation with the city of Rochester After School Academy (RASA), Rochester City School District (RCSD) and SUNY College at Geneseo, the Rochester Young Scholars Academy at SUNY Geneseo (RYSAG) is accepting applications for 60 students in the current sixth and seventh-grade for the 2006-07 school year, to enroll in the very first Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) camp. From July 16-27, 2007, students will attend this thematic summer program on the SUNY campus in Geneseo, NY, 15 miles from Downtown Rochester. Students will role play as crime scene investigators each morning for two weeks as they work together to solve a variety of "crimes." Participation in a number of workshops will help students: identify evidence, discover the process of digital photography, think critically to connect clues through contextual and cultural hints, library-based research and scientific method in a forensic lab, use state of the art technology, and practice and improve public speaking skills by presenting cases or serving on a mock jury - all in an effort to solve the assigned cases.

In the afternoon, students will engage in such sports camp activities as basketball, soccer, field hockey, swimming and dance.

Evenings will include book readings, movies, steel drumming, step dance, and many other activities.

Each of the partners plays an essential role in making this experience possible. The Community Place of Rochester, Inc. is a licensed summer youth camp provider with a satellite site at Geneseo for the summer of 2007. The Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education is the primary contact for all "CSI" camp activities at SUNY Geneseo. The RYSAG committee directs the camp and is comprised of SUNY Geneseo, RASA and RCSD officials. Geneseo undergraduate students, as well as RASA staff, will participate as counselors and teachers, as part of the SUNY Geneseo Xerox Center's mission to promote multicultural education at Geneseo.

Please call 585-245-5561 for more information, or e-mail








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