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Government Information: Local Government Information

Local Government Information

Local Government Resources tend to be the trickiest to find.  Not all towns or villages make their information available on the web, and many that do are not sites. Listed here are some of the more commonly accessed government related sites for Livingston County (and main government sites for surrounding counties). 

Many local governments will have separate websites for local courts, departments, events and statistics.  These can be buried within the main government site, or at times be completely separate from the main site.  If you need assistance finding any of these, please contact a librarian.

Dansville Balloon Festival - Found at 

Dansville Balloon Festival

Image found at

Town Government Resources

Here are the links to Village websites within Livingston County.  Please note that not every village has a website.  For help finding town or village sites outside of Livingston county don't hesitate to see a librarian.

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