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Education (Lesson Planning Resources): EDUC 204: Dimensions of Teaching and Inquiry


This guide is meant to help students in Dr. Keegan's EDUC 204 course complete their graphic novel and midterm assignments.

Finding Graphic Novels

To find graphic novels (in Milne), use the search terms "graphic novels" (in quotes) and your subject area, theme or topic.

e.g. "graphic novels" AND friendship

In addition, consider searching for books that focus on teaching with comics or graphic novels. Many times they contain annotated book lists broken down by subject, topic, or grade level.


A few helpful websites about graphic novels & comics:

Games Found in Our Collection

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This is just a sampling of the board games we have in our collection. To search for more games, click here.

Choosing an Education Research Topic

Choosing a topic can be a difficult task. It may be helpful to find some background information first. This process will help introduce new topics, highlight areas for further research and provide unique vocabulary. These terms or keywords can be used to locate resources.

Good places to look for background information include reference books (such as encyclopedias), course textbooks, and news articles.

Links to Education News Websites

Helpful websites on choosing a topic:

Creating a Research Question and Formulating a Search Strategy

After you have chosen a topic, it is better to start with a research question rather than a thesis statement. A research question, when appropriately written, will guide the research project and assist in the construction of a logical argument.

After creating your research question, you are now ready to formulate a search strategy.

Finding and Evaluating Scholarly Sources

After successfully narrowing down a topic and formulating a sound search strategy, you are ready to search for research articles that address your research question.

Recommended Education Databases. For additional databases visit this link.

Resources to help in evaluating sources.