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ARTH 287: Annotated Bibliography Tutorial: The Annotated Bibliography

Find step by step instructions to build an annotated bibliography for you ARTH course assignment.

What is an annotated bibliography

After writing your research question you must have search for sources. to consult to answer your research question. Once you have searched and found sources about your topic, you need to keep track of your references and findings; an annotated bibliography is a technique you can use to achieve this goal.  It is a Works Cited or References page that includes a brief summary and evaluation of each selected source. It generally follows a certain format (MLA, APA, or another citation style), but always contains citations followed by descriptions. For your assignment you will use MLA style

Descriptions will include a brief evaluation of how relevant or helpful this resource will be for your research paper. Depending on the nature of your assignment, the annotated bibliography may be one stage of the research/writing process, or it may be the entire assignment.  Your annotations should reflect the nature of your research project and the guidelines of your assignment.  

An annotated bibliography should contain…

  1. Citation: In this case, in MLA format.

  2. Summary: Which briefly reviews the content of the source.

  3. Reflection: Which shows how this source might be useful in your research assignment.

  4. Evaluation: Which indicates why this source is particularly reliable or trustworthy.

How to create an annotated bibliography

Practice doing an annotated bibliography

The following worksheet will help you go through the process of creating an annotated bibliography. If you have any questions don't hesiate to contact me.