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Geneseo Authors: Geneseo Authors

Geneseo Authors Celebration

‚ÄčThe College Library began a tradition of celebrating faculty authorship in 2009 with a series of workshops and a celebration in collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Center. Over the years it has evolved to more accurately reflect on the variety of academic work done here at Geneseo.

The Geneseo Authors Celebration acknowledges and celebrates the work published via traditional avenues, like peer-reviewed articles, contributions to edited volumes, and monographs, but we also look beyond those kinds of work to include academic achievements outside the narrow scope of traditional publishing. We have materials from esteemed traditional academic publishers such as University of Toronto Press, American Chemical Society, Palgrave Macmillan, Rowman & Littlefield, and Routledge in addition to our own Milne Library Publishing titles.

The Library would like to highlight the many different ways that people interact with, create, and display information and knowledge both within academia and beyond. In this year’s Celebration, those outputs include short stories, case studies, childrens’ books, patents, open source code, plays and performances, and open educational resources among others.

Geneseo Authors monographs are archived in the College Archives as part of the Geneseo Authors Hall collection. The Library is excited to share the new Geneseo Authors Hall digital collection which can be browsed online.

Acknowledgements: The organizing committee for the Geneseo Authors Celebration 2023 event - Alana Nuth (chair), Allison Brown, Donna Hanna, and Max Sparkman - would like to express their appreciation for all of the people involved in making this event possible: Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Daniel Blakenship and President Battles for presenting remarks acknowledging the unique nature of scholarship at Geneseo; Donna Hanna and Liz Argentieri for working hard to get books purchased, delivered, and cataloged in time for this event; Jessica Alexander, Liz Argentieri, Sherry Larson-Rhodes, Leah Root, Tracy Paradis, and Brandon West for helping to set up and break down the Hunt Room; Steve Dresbach for taking photos during the event; Allison Brown for designing the invitations, bookmarks, and posters; Jessica Alexander for reserving the CAS catering; and our Library Director, Corey Ha, for his enthusiastic support.

Geneseo Authors Celebration Video

Geneseo Authors Publications & Works

Geneseo Authors' Hall, image linking to SUNY Geneseo Library collection of over 90 years of Geneseo Authors' publications
Geneseo Author's Hall

Visit Geneseo Authors' Hall, a SUNY Geneseo Library collection of over 90 years of Geneseo Authors' publications.

View the 2023 list of publications by Geneseo Authors 

Archived lists of authors celebrated at past Geneseo Authors events are available in KnightScholar.