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KnightScholar Services: Digital Collections

KnightScholar Digital Collections

The SUNY Geneseo College Library is proud to provide digital access to a growing number of materials from the College Archives and Special Collections as well as materials produced by academic departments and campus units which fall within the scope of KnightScholar Digital Collections.

Digital collections are openly available to all on the same platform as KnightScholar Repository:

KnightScholar Digital Collections host text, image, audio, and visual files. KnightScholar Digital Collections are intended to showcase the rich history, culture, scholarship, and academics of SUNY Geneseo.

Collections are selected for inclusion into the Digital Collections based on the following principles:

  • Relevance to College history, culture, academics, and scholarship
  • Perceived future use and value to the intended audience
  • Completeness of collection (items as well as metadata)
  • Size of the collection and availability of resources to support the project

For a full listing of considerations, please contact Alana Nuth, Head of Fraser Hall Library Collection Management, at


Interested in contributing a collection to KnightScholar Digital Collections?

The College Library’s KnightScholar Services Team partners with academic departments and campus units to evaluate potential materials for inclusion into KnightScholar Digital Collections.

Team members work with campus colleagues to define scope and necessary resources, create a project plan, develop metadata, and market collections upon completion.

Examples of materials that are eligible for inclusion into KnightScholar include:

  • Recorded campus events, concerts, and ceremonies
  • Digital copies of administrative documents that illustrate activities in student learning, curriculum, and College history
  • Creative works produced by members of the College community 

For more information, please contact Tracy Paradis, Digital Collections and Archives Librarian, at with questions.