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KnightScholar Services: KnightScholar Repository

KnightScholar Repository

What is KnightScholar Repository?

KnightScholar Repository is a platform which showcases scholarly and creative works produced by members of the SUNY Geneseo community. KnightScholar Repository enhances the discoverability, access, and description of materials that are produced by SUNY Geneseo.

What is its purpose?

KnightScholar Repository is the primary location for researchers depositing their previously published journal articles in accordance with SUNY Geneseo’s Open Access Policy and the primary location for researchers looking to provide open access to datasets in accordance with grant funder requirements.

KnightScholar File Formats

What types of materials are stored and made accessible in the KnightScholar Repository?

KnightScholar hosts a variety of file formats, including doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .txt, .xml, .csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .psd, .tiff, .mp3, .wav, .mov, and .mp4, and a variety of document types, including:

  • Abstract
  • Journal article
  • Book chapter
  • Book review
  • Conference proceeding
  • Conference slide show
  • Conference recording
  • Course material or learning object
  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Fictional works and poetry
  • Image
  • Performance
  • Photograph
  • Recorded interview
  • Recorded (audio and visual) music
  • Musical score
  • Data sets
  • Poster
  • Recorded lecture
  • Syllabus
  • Thesis
  • Technical report

For a complete list of preferred file formats, please see

What are the benefits of KnightScholar Repository?

KnightScholar Repository showcases works produced by members of the SUNY Geneseo community, which increases access and visibility of SUNY Geneseo authors and creators.

  • As an open, centralized source for College intellectual and creative activity, KnightScholar Repository can increase awareness for potential new students, faculty, grant funders, collaborators, and publishers.
  • Materials in KnightScholar Repository are indexed by Google and Google Scholar.
  • KnightScholar Repository is a wholly interdisciplinary platform and therefore fosters collaboration among and between academic disciplines.
  • KnightScholar Repository is a relevant and authoritative source in that materials are selected, organized, and described by SUNY Geneseo librarians through partnerships with faculty, academic departments, and College units.
  • KnightScholar Repository reduces the duplication of administrative oversight of making openly available and promoting faculty scholarship. KnightScholar Repository is the home of the digital Proceedings of GREAT Day, past GREAT Day posters, and Gandy Dancer archives.

KnightScholar Management & Contact

How is KnightScholar Repository managed?

KnightScholar is administered by a team of Milne librarians and further supported by bepress. KnightScholar is interoperable with other library systems and part of a larger Digital Commons network. In this way, it is possible to manage technological changes institutionally while preserving intellectual output in the long term.

Who to contact with questions, express interest in a project, or for technical support?

Members of the KnightScholar Services Team are responsible for strategic planning, infrastructure support, collection development, and policy creation for KnightScholar. Team members exercise their individual knowledge, strengths, and perspectives in scholarly communications, digital systems, collection management, and digital scholarship.

Contact the KnightScholar ServicesTeam at

Allison Brown

Bill Jones

Alana Nuth

Tracy Paradis