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About the Library: Accessibility

Library Accessibility Introduction

The Library at SUNY Geneseo supports an environment that is accessible to all by addressing, and when possible, facilitating the accessibility of electronic resources, print and physical library resources, physical spaces within the Library, and the web pages and virtual platforms used by members of the College community to access and use library services and resources.

Library accessibility guidelines and policies will reflect those of the College and the wider community. These guidelines will also adhere to the College principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion since disability awareness and accessibility are important components of these.

Options for Support in Fraser Hall Library

  • Members of the College community can request books, DVDs, and other materials in the circulating collection using the library catalog (GLOCAT). Materials will be made available for pick up at the Service Desk (Fraser Hall 203).
  • Accessibility Workstation computer at the LibraryAn Accessibility Workstation is available at Fraser Hall Library, in the mini-lab located near the entrance of the Library (Fraser Hall 203). Available Software on the workstation:
    • JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reader software
    • ZoomText Magnifier/Reader
  • Earbuds are available for use. Members of the College community can request disposable earbuds by visiting the Service Desk in the Library (Fraser Hall 203).
  • Microphones and digital voice recorders are available for loan at the CIT HelpDesk in the Library (Fraser Hall 203). View CIT HelpDesk list and policies for technology available for loan.
  • Closed captioning for online meetings and transcripts for chats can be provided.
  • The Library’s websites and applications are routinely scanned to verify web accessibility. Accessibility issues are communicated to stakeholders, and mitigated by appropriate methods.
  • When licensing a new resource from a third-party vendor, the Library requests the vendor to supply a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).
  • If a participant requires accommodations for equal participation in Library consultation appointments and/or instruction sessions, the Library will coordinate with the Office of Accessibility Services.

For questions regarding accessibility in the College Library, please contact Leah Root, Chair of the Library Accessibility Guidelines Team , at

Library Accessibility Guidelines (LAG) Team

The Library Accessibility Guidelines (LAG) Team is a group of staff members from different units within the Library whose job functions and/or research interests relate to accessibility. Members of the Team make every effort to address accessibility issues and maintain a current knowledge of accessibility best practices. When additional expertise is needed or if an accessibility issue within the Library cannot be independently addressed, members of the LAG Team will report it to the appropriate office, agency, or third-party vendor.

LAG Team Members