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HIST 302: Emancipation & War -- Professor Behrend: Library session, September 12th, 2023

The Assignment (Research Portion)

Research assignment #1 due in class as paper copy. Using Fraser Library’s historic newspaper databases (19th Century US Newspapers Digital ArchiveNew York Times Archive SearchChronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, or The London Times Digital Archive), locate three articles that address the Civil War (three articles dealing with the same incident or three articles about separate incidents).

o   You might have to play around with search terms in order to find useful material. Consider concepts and events that we’ve already read about or look for new information.

o   Then, analyze the articles in a 3-4 page paper, paying particular attention to the rhetoric of journalists. How is war addressed? How are the people described? Why is this topic important?

o   In addition to the research essay, please also submit your research notes for this assignment.

Databases for 19th Century News

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