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Collections: Circulating Collection

Circulating Collection

Panorama photo of SUNY Geneseo Library Circulating Collections in Schrader Hall

Description and Scope

The main circulating collection is made up of the print monograph collection as well as the media collection which includes DVDs, CDs, and microfilm. The Library currently owns nearly 100,000 print books and is actively building the collection.

Collection Development Strategy

The intent in building the main, circulating collection is to support the teaching, learning, and research activities of students as well as faculty.

The Library aims to build a vibrant collection which meets the needs of an undergraduate student population and whenever possible, the faculty.

The Library follows the selection guidelines (page 3) and deselection guidelines (page 5) in the collection development policy in making decisions as to which titles to add or to remove from the collection.

The Library is actively building the print monograph collection and welcomes recommendations from faculty and staff for new acquisitions, purchase requests, as well as communication regarding subject areas which are not adequately covered by the available titles in the collection.

The Library is not actively collecting new DVDs, CDs, or microfilm unless one of these physical formats is the only format available for a given title or the only format available at a price that is not cost prohibitive.

Access information

The print monograph collection and the media collection are both located in closed stacks during the Library’s occupancy of Fraser Hall. Members of the College community are welcomed to request items for check-out by using the ”Pick Up at Fraser” button located in the detailed record for the item in the library catalog, GLOCAT. (If you do not see the button, please check to make sure that you are logged in.) The person who requested the item for check-out will receive an email when the item is available at the Fraser Hall Library Service Desk for check-out.


The Library accepts gifts of print books and DVDs in good condition for the main circulating collection. The Library does not accept print journals, magazines, newspapers, CDs, VHS, audiobooks, reference material, or textbooks as the Library is not actively collecting content in these formats. Donated materials which fit the Selection Guidelines found on page 3 of the collection development policy and do not duplicate content already available in the collection will be considered for accession. Donated materials that do not meet the Selection Guidelines and/or duplicate content will not be added to the collection and will be given to another organization or returned to the donor.

Prospective donors are encouraged to contact the head of collection management, Alana Nuth (, if they intend to donate a large number of items, or if there is any doubt that the material is a good fit for the main circulating collection.

Circulating Collection in Fraser Hall and Schrader Hall