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New Students: Home

Welcome to Fraser Hall Library!

As a new SUNY Geneseo student, the librarians at Fraser Hall Library wanted to share three things they think would be helpful for you to do before the fall semester. These actions include: Identifying the librarian for your major, creating your IDS account so you can request materials from other libraries, and checking to see if any of your textbooks will be available for you to borrow at the library. If you have any questions about the library & its services, send an email to!

#1: Find Your Librarian

At SUNY Geneseo, the librarians each have specializations that align with the College's majors/minors. Many students meet with a librarian to get help on their research projects. The librarians can help you find information, help you narrow down a topic, help with citations, and more.

The librarians' office is in Fraser Hall Library in room 203A. You may drop-in for help on Monday–Friday without an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment ahead of time & have the option of meeting in-person or over Zoom.

Before you come to college, it is helpful to know who is here to support you. Click on the link below to see who the librarians are and which majors they are associated with. If you are undeclared, identify the First Year Experience Librarian. Also, we are in the process of hiring a science librarian, so they will not yet be listed on this guide.

#2: Create Your IDS Account

Many libraries offer a service to get materials from other libraries called interlibrary loan. At Geneseo, our interlibrary loan service is called Information Delivery Services, or IDS. You can use IDS to request books, journal articles, and more when the library does not have them.

One thing that you can do right now is register for your IDS account so that it is active. The first time you sign into IDS, you will need to fill out a brief demographics form. For your department, list your major (this can always be changed later).

#3: Check Course Reserves

One of the library's collections is called Course Reserves. Sometimes your professors will put a copy of the course textbook(s) in the library's course reserves so you can access the books, in the event you do not have it. The library does not have every textbook; you may always ask your professor if they can place a copy on course reserve!

Follow the steps in this video that detail how to search for books in GLOCAT, the library catalog. Most often, you will find that searching the title of the book to be effective.

You may also want to select the "Physical Materials & Course Reserves" button before you search, located on the Advanced Search screen.

Image of the search criteria in GLOCAT, the library catalog.

If you have questions about course reserves, contact us at

Optional: Enter to Win a $20 CAS Gift Card

If you would like to be entered to win a $20 CAS gift card, please take a moment to fill out this very brief survey. CAS gift cards can be redeemed at any on-campus eatery or vending machine on campus, including Starbucks.