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Career Resources: Exploring Majors and Careers


Decisions about major and career choice can be both exciting and overwhelming. This page is intended to provide you with resources to help as you navigate this process. Self-discovery and personal reflection are a critical foundation for making these choices – you first have to understand who you are before you can make decisions about what you would like to do. Take the information that you have learned about yourself through this personal reflection to explore possible majors and careers that may be of interest. And remember, regardless of the major you choose, you’ll gain key skills that you can apply to many fields after graduation. There are many points of connection on campus to support you in making these decisions, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Who Can I Talk To?

You can also talk with your faculty advisors, department chair, or upper level students in the major about their own experience in the field and what jobs they have seen to be available.

What Else Can I Do?

Use your General Education requirements, elective coursework, and the activities and resources in your EXPL 101 course to explore your interests and discover pathways to a major or career that capture your interest. Outside of coursework, participate in volunteer activities and student organizations that fit your values, and use those to learn about yourself.

What Events Can I Attend?

What Tools Can I Use?