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About the Library: Geneseo Authors

Geneseo Authors Celebration

Geneseo Authors CelebrationThe College Library began a tradition of celebrating faculty authorship in 2009, with a series of workshops and a celebration in collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Center. Over the years it evolved to reflect more on the many kinds of academic work done here at Geneseo.

Through the Geneseo Authors Celebration, we acknowledge and celebrate the work published in traditional avenues, like peer-reviewed articles, contributions to edited volumes, and monographs. But we also look beyond those kinds of work to include academic achievements outside the narrow scope of traditional publishing. This year, we have several short stories, code written to streamline library processes, some open textbooks, and many, many works produced by and with students. We have material here from traditional publishers like Routledge, Oxford University Press, and Penn State Press, but we also have material published here, through Milne Library Publishing

This year, the Geneseo Authors Celebration happens during Open Access Week, and we’ve highlighted the many works that are available in KnightScholar. More than a third of the articles and books celebrated today are available open access— freely available to all with an internet connection. The authors who supplied us with preprints and postprints, along with those who published in OA journals and with Milne Library Publishing, made this possible, and have opened their scholarship to the world, helping to break barriers that otherwise impede access.

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us to celebrate the diversity of scholarship and the diversity of publishing that authors from Geneseo have accomplished in the past year, from faculty as well as from students, who you’ll see specially identified below. And we look forward to seeing what more is completed in the next year.

Some acknowledgements: Provost Stacey Robertson and President Battles presented some remarks acknowledging the unique nature of scholarship at Geneseo; Alana Nuth, Donna Hanna, and Liz Argentieri worked hard to get books delivered to the library in time for this event; Dan Ross, Alana, Nuth, and Bill Jones helped set up the Fireside Lounge; Allison Brown designed the bookmarks and poster; Joanne Kamal ordered snacks, and CAS made and delivered them.

Archived lists of authors celebrated at past events are available in KnightScholar.