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This subject guide provides reliable resources pertaining to the study of human beings and the human condition.

Google Doc

Make a copy of this Google Doc and save it in your Drive or computer.

Part 1: Topic Selection

You will need to figure out an ecological disasters your group is interested in researching.

Start by picking a country/region. Then investigate potential issues from there. Here are some websites with some examples on them. Some of the disasters are not 50 years old.

When you have an idea you are comfortable with, record your ecological disaster, a link to a webpage about it, and your group member names to this Padlet: 

Part 2: Databases for Literature Searching

Part 3: Government or Open Data & Reports

The final task for today is to try to locate 2 to 3 potential sources from government or open data websites to find facts, statistics, or reports that may support your research from reputable sources (it’s okay if you cannot find government sources).

Limit to a government websites in a Google search by search for your topic + site:gov. You can also add words like "reports" to find those sources more easily. For example, I might search for Hurricane Sandy and NYC site:gov reports, to find a report like this one. If you cannot find a .gov site, you could try .edu for education or .org to find an Nongovernmental Organization (NGO).

Here are some other websites that contain data about ecological disasters that may be useful to explore.