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Virtual Student Exhibition : Meet the artists

Meet the artists

Meet some of the students that contributed to this exhibition with their beautiful work. 



Anna L. Beltramini (she/her)

"I am a recently graduated Neuroscience major and Biology Minor. I had drawn as a kid but had not really ever drawn before taking this art class, but I am so happy that I did and was able to find a new passion. I have continued to draw since the class ended because to see my improvement over the course of the semester impressed me. As someone in a STEM major I was so pleased to have a fine arts class to balance my schedule and would advise other students to branch out and do so".


Bridgette K. Sroka (she, her, hers)

"I am a Music Performance major, and I just graduated from Geneseo. I took a few art classes in high school and I was excited to get back into it with a medium I never really experimented with. I still try to paint when I have time, and have been able to make a few paintings for family and friends".


Jenna Coburn (she, her)

"I'm a senior psychology major, but I've always enjoyed art. Professor MacPherson's figure drawing class taught me so much and really rekindled my love for drawing. I also enjoy painting with watercolors, poetry, gardening, and playing guitar".

Leah Constable (she, her, hers)

"I am a (recently graduated) senior history major. I have continued painting since the end of classes in May and am trying to create a few paintings to add as decoration to my room at home. Other than watercolor I enjoy embroidering, reading, and writing in my free time. Other hobbies that I have include swimming and yoga".

Madelyn Hill (she, her, hers)

"I am a Sophomore Psychology major. I like drawing and painting in my free time, and getting outdoors".

April Varney (she, her, hers)

"I am a Psych major and Soc minor. I am a senior that recently graduated. I am not drawing too much now as I am focusing on work for my master’s. I hope to become a social worker who focuses on children and adolescents".

Emily Miller (she, her, hers)

"I am a recent graduate of Geneseo! I graduated in Spring 2020 with a degree in psychology and a minor in biology. I have always loved art and often do it in my free time but before this semester. I had never taken a class so this opportunity was very exciting for me! I enrolled in this class purely out of interest as I had never painted with watercolor and I learned so much and it was the highlight of my days!"

Kira Baran (she, her, hers)

Hi! I'm Kira, and I'll be entering my senior year as an English and Communication double major. I've always considered drawing a hobby of mine, even though I never seemed to have the opportunity to seriously pursue it in high school. In the future, I'd like to branch out from figure drawing and learn to draw other subjects. Painting, and even graphic design, are areas I'd be interested in developing, too. Other hobbies of mine include writing, playing tennis, and jamming out to all kinds of music!

Leah Fried (she, her, hers)

"I am from childhood and special education". 


Megan Palmer (she, her)

I am currently a junior History major and Dance History minor. I've always enjoyed drawing, and am trying to take as many drawing/painting classes as I can to learn more. I plan on applying art into my future career as a Costume Designer for dance, where knowledge of drawing the human figure and understanding light and color is essential for grad school and beyond. Besides art, some of my hobbies include sewing, photography, flute, dance, and running!

Azulmar Escalera (she, her, hers)

"I go by Azul, I’m an Art History Major, Museum Studies Minor. I’ve been painting and drawing as long as I can remember. I love art, history, science, and literature".

Emma Belson (she, her)

"I am a senior English Lit major and love using different art mediums such as graphic design, photography, and drawing! I decided to take this class so I could attempt to learn how to draw a realistic looking human! While my drawings are rough around the edges; I am still incredibly proud of them. I hope to continue to improve as I practice drawing realistic bodies. Eventually I would like to start to use pastels to add color to my drawings. Artists like, Edgar Degas, inspire me to use beautiful colors and create gorgeous drawings of people.".

Laura Kowalski (she, her)

"I am a senior math and physics major continuing my education at University of Buffalo for engineering in sustainability. I am continuing to watercolor!"

Leilah Bates (she, her)

"I am a psychology major, senior, I am still watercolor painting, and I like to do yoga". 

Piper Lambert-Vail (he, she, they)

"I am a senior, going into my super-senior year, majoring in Theatre and French. My main focus is costume design and history. I am still drawing, although less than I was during the semester, and I've been focusing more on portraits than the human body but I hope to start back up this coming year".