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Historiography deals with the writing of history. In the broadest sense, it is the study of the history of history (as it is described by historians). Historiography has several facets, but for the purposes of a researcher trying to situate his work in the context of other historians' work on a particular topic, the most useful thing is the historiographic essay or review article that summarizes changing ideas about and approaches to the topic. A really good historiographic essay will also address why historians' ideas have changed 

- Steven Knowlton, History Librarian Princeton University 


Scholarly Articles Written by Historians

Books Written by Historians

How to Create a Historiography

1.The first step in creating a historiography is finding a topic that has been extensively researched by historians. Finding an exciting topic that interests you will make your historiography more interesting for you and the reader!   

2. Creating an annotated bibliography is the next step to creating a historiography. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources with citations and brief descriptions that you will use for your historiography. 

3. The third step is forming an argument and identifying the author's historical perspective. Looking at book reviews and other historiographies can be useful ways to understand historians' stances and perspectives. 

4. The fourth and final step of course is writing your historiographical paper. This paper should be a concise summation of your previous research and findings. Some ways to break down historian's stances include: chronologically, respective schools of thought, and by regional differences. 

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