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INTD 105: Leadership and Leading (Professor Granger): Library Session 2 October 31st, 2023

Ruined Bibliography Activity

The goal of this activity is to get your hands dirty with citations, learning how to use them the way that your professors use them. Here's the scenario:

Your group of three people (+1 one other person not present) has been working on an essay for a class on economics in society. You divided the work up and wrote the linked essay below, with a final non-present member of the group working on the bibliography. For reasons known only to them, they only worked on physical paper, and you just heard from a friend that they are in the hospital with kidney stones. Your paper is due online in 30 minutes, and your bibliography is unfinished because the only copy you have is the one in front of you that they spilled coffee on.

To get the best grade possible (in this scenario, no one is actually getting graded on this), you must reconstruct the correct bibliography using the in-text citations in the essay you wrote and the bits and pieces you can see between coffee stains. You have 30 minutes; begin!

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