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SOCL 213: Sociology of Medicine

Before You Search

Important data note: Not every city keeps track of its own data! If your city isn't showing up in any of these resources, try searching for the name of the county instead.

Demographic Data

Health and Medical Data

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Additional Resources

Community Health Assessments

Community Health Assessments can be found by searching for the name of your county, city, or town and "Community Health Needs Assessment report." Most hospitals will have a public report available.

  • Search for "[city or county] community health needs assessment" in Google.
  • Make sure the creator of the document is affiliated with a health-focused organization (e.g. hospitals, local health departments, etc.)
  • Most places will publish a report every three years. Make sure the publication date is within the last three years for the most recent data.

Using Google

If you can't find anything about your specific health issue or area, try using Google.

Search for "[health problem] statistics [city or county, state]"

Example: "alcoholism statistics Richmond VA"


Google Search Limiters

To limit your search to .gov, use site:gov + search terms.

To limit to PDF files, use filetype:pdf + search terms.

You may combine site:gov + filetype:pdf + search terms.