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Preparing your manuscript: Home

Resources to help you create a literature search, manage your citations, investigate copyright issues, find an editor, create an index for your book, and more

Literature Search

If your peer reviewers suggested you expand your literature review, consider using these research tools to find more sources. Of course, you can always meet with a librarian as well!

Citation Tools

Citation management software can help you organize your sources and documents, create citations, footnotes, bibliographies, etc., including easily switch from one citation style to another. They are big time-savers and can help avoid citation-related headaches.

Milne Librarians offer workshops on Zotero and Mendeley (both free) and can set up appointments to help you get started with either.

For assistance with Mendeley, contact Bonnie Swoger (, x5593).

For assistance with Zotero, contact Tracy Paradis (, x5159).  

Milne Library offers reference services for an extensive number of citation styles, including MLA, Chicago, APA and many others.

Contact a librarian for in-depth help.

Copyright permissions

Need to use an image or large excerpt in your article or book? Make sure you know your rights and the rights of the people whose works you are borrowing! It is standard for the author of a work to be responsible for requesting permission to use copyrighted material in their publication. 

Fair Use Evaluator

Writing and editing help

Even scholars needs a little help sometimes. Here are some tools for checking your grammar, hiring someone to edit your work, or helping you build an index for your book.