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Acct 302 - Intermediate Accounting II: BMS

Accounting Resources

  • Codification- available to School of Business students
  • Some large accounting firms may post their interpretations of sections of the codification online. 

Excel Tips

Useful Excel Functions

  • IF- returns different values depending on whether a condition is true or false
  • SUMIF- adds numbers within a range if they fit certain criteria
  • COUNTIF- counts the number of cells that fit certain criteria
  • COUNTIFS- counts the number of cells that fit multiple criteria
  • LEFT and RIGHT and MID- choose part of a string in a cell to put in new cell
  • WORKDAY- returns a date a certain number of working days away from a date entered
  • Financial functions- this video covers, in-depth, some of the basic financial functions. While it is a long video, it does have a table of contents in the description so you can jump to the parts that you are interested in learning. It covers functions such as PMT, RATE, CUMIPMT, NPER, and FV. Other financial functions not covered in this video, such as PV, may also be useful to you.

Excel Tips