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BLKS 288 Black Cinema -- Professor Okada: Library Session, October 26, 2017



Exercise 1: Evaluating Sources

Exercise 5: Citation Tracking

"Picturizing Race: Hollywood's Censorship of Miscegenation and Production of Racial Visibility through Imitation of Life"

Open Google Scholar in a new window. Copy and paste the name of these articles into Google Scholar. When the article listing appears, look for the words, "Cited by..." and click on it. This is a list of other articles that cite the first one, some of which may be on the same topic.

1. "Blaxploitation Horror Films: Generic Reappropriation or Reinscription?"

2. "Blaxploitation and the Misrepresentation of Liberation"

3. "Recontextualizing the historical reception of blaxploitation: Articulations of class, black nationalism, and anxiety in the genre's advertisements"

4. "Walking the Streets: Black Gangsters and the “Abandoned City” in the 1970s Blaxploitation Cycle"

5. "Superflies into superkillers: Black masculinity in film from Blaxploitation to New Black Realism"

Exercise 3: Searching for Articles

Use this GoogleDoc to record what you find during class.

Common Search Errors

Common searching errors:

#1 Getting the search logic wrong -- confusing "and" and "or"



#2 Adding extraneous words



#3 Getting the search logic wrong -- confusing "and" and "or"



#4  Adding extraneous words

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