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ENGL 203 Reader & Text: Caring about Characters -- Professor Fallon: Oct. 23, 2018

Evaluating Sources

Group 1   Article 1 "Hamlet: Critical Approaches"      Article 2  "Transplacing Ophelia: Woman and Nation in the Earliest Russian Hamlets," by Daria Chernysheva

Group 2   Article 1 "'To Tell Our Storie': Reflections on a Queer Adaptation of Hamlet in Twenty-first Century South Africa," by Thys Heydenrych Article 2   "Hamlet Alone," by Helen Uendler   

Group 3   Article 1 "Extracts From Earlier Critics of Hamlet, 1710-1945"       Article 2 "'Accidental Judgments' and 'Casual Slaughters' in Hamlet: Horatio’s Eyewitness Account," by Frederick Kiefer

Group 4   Article 1 "'The Subject of the Land': Marcellus in Hamlet," by Tony Voss      Article 2 "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Review," by Thomas McGlone

Group 5   Article 1 "The Ghost in the Machine: Emotion and Mind-body Union in Hamlet and Descartes," by Michael Slater      Article 2 "The Problem of Hamlet"

Group 6   Article 1 "Harold Bloom Interprets Hamlet," by Yvonne French     Article 2 "‘'Bid the Players Make Haste'’: Speed-Making and Motion Sickness in Hamlet," by Kara Northway

Group 7   Article 1 "Of Bread and Wine, and Ghosts: Eucharistic Controversy and Hamlet’s Epistemological Quest," by Roberta Kwan     Article 2 "Frailty, Thy Name is Woman: Portraits of Ophelia"

Group 8   Article 1 "Father and Son Relationship in Hamlet," by Peter Sinclair       Article 2 "Heaven and Earth: Confession as Performance in Hamlet and Measure for Measure," by Jennifer Flaherty

Group 9   Article 1 "The Question of Hamlet," by James Sinclair       Article 2 "The Delay of Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet," by Robert J. Cardullo

Group 10   Article 1 "‘The Body is With the King, But the King is Not with the Body': Sovereign Sleep in Hamlet and Macbeth," by Benjamin Parris        Article 2  "Hamlet Literary Criticism" 

Group 11    Article 1 "Hamlet and Revenge," by Kiernan Ryan     Article 2 "Ana and Mia: Ophelia on the Web," by Remedios Perni

Group 12    Article 1 "Hamlet," by David Bevington       Article 2 "Intentional Meaning in Hamlet: An Evolutionary Perspective," by Joseph Carroll

Searching for Scholarly Articles and Books

Use MLA Bibliography to find 2 articles from scholarly literary journals.

Use IDS Search to find 2 scholarly books.

Use this GoogleDoc to record information about the articles and books you find during today's class.

Citation Tracking Exercise



EXAMPLE: "Latinized Greek Drama in Shakespeare's Writing of Hamlet" by L. Schleiner

Google Scholar


"Watching Hamlet Watching: Lacan, Shakespeare and the Mirror/Stage," by P. Armstrong

"The Textual Mystery of Hamlet," by T. Werstine

"Shakespeare's Genius: Hamlet, Adaptation and the Work of Following," by J.J. Joughin