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COMN 100: Intro to Communication

Before We Start

Raise your hand or ask them via this Google Form! Common questions will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions page on this guide. Include an email address with your question if you want to guarantee an answer if I don't get to your question during class.


You can access the slides from today's class here.

Pause #1

With the person sitting next to you, create the citation for the following article. Pay attention to capitalization, italics, and punctuation!

Author: Claudia Davidson

Year: 2023

Journal info: DttP: A Quarterly Journal of Government Information Practice & Perspective. Volume 51, Issue 3, Pages 17-23.

Article title: Book Censorship in the United States: A Government Documents Story


Activity #1

Work with your neighbors to construct the citations on this worksheet WITHOUT USING A CITATION GENERATOR. Pay close attention to capitalization, and indicate italics with slashes around the text /like so/. Use Purdue OWL for help with the formatting.

Pause #2

Zaslavsky, V. (2022). Censorship In The Soviet Union. Society, 59(3), 288–294.

Is this citation correctly formatted? (Remember to check capitalization and punctuation!)
Yes: 25 votes (18.25%)
No: 112 votes (81.75%)
Total Votes: 137

Activity #2

Step 1: Spend two minutes looking over the article below by yourself. Determine whether you think the article is a scholarly source, and make note of what makes you think that.

Step 2: After a few minutes, discuss your thoughts with the person sitting next to you. Work together to come to a consensus and record your answer on the Padlet.