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Faculty Services

Library Self-Enroll Tutorials

Faculty Banner Database: Faculty can check their class rosters to see which students have completed the Plagiarism Tutorial. If there is no date listed, then the student has not completed the tutorial. View the database by visiting:

Students may check to see if and when they completed the Plagiarism Tutorial by visiting:

Please note it may take several hours after completing the tutorial for it to show up in the database.

Assigning a Tutorial to Students

  1. Create an assignment in your Canvas course.
  2. Provide students with the tutorial course enrollment link and a due date.
  3. Check the Faculty view of the tutorial completion database to see which student completed the tutorial.
  4. Once you enter the completion database, select the tutorial you wish to view:

    Plagiarism Tutorial Selection menu option
  5. Manually enter the tutorial completion grade in your Canvas gradebook.