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This research guide provides reliable resources pertaining to the study of behavior and the mind.

What is PsycInfo?

How do I search PsycInfo?

What is the PsycInfo Thesaurus?

The PsycInfo Thesaurus is a list of the formal, standardized, subject terms chosen by the psychologists who created and manage PsycInfo. The terms are used to label all items (articles, book reviews, dissertations, etc.) that are included in the PsycInfo database so that scholars can easily identify relevant research. Therefore, identifying the right subject terms used in the database can significantly help with focusing a search to find the most beneficial articles for your research.


Use the following steps to locate relevant subject terms to add to your PsycInfo search.

  • Click on the Thesaurus link above the search boxes on the PsycInfo advanced search screen.
  • Use the search box to find the standardized subject term most closely related to your keyword.
  • Click on the double blue square icon to see the definition of the term as used in PsycInfo, along with related terms that you may also want to include in your search.
  • Check the boxes next to subject terms you wish to search, and click the Add to search button to progress with searching.

Searching for Articles by Research Methodology

Searching for Test & Measures

In PsycInfo, use the Test and Measure field to find measures used in a study and sometimes the actual measure. 

  • Select the Advanced Search link. 
  • Enter the name of the measure, or keyword/concept, e.g., Beck Depression Scale; shyness.
  • Select Tests & Measures from the dropdown menu to the the right of the search fields, and click the Select button.
  • Adding the word appended to the search will bring results in the Tests & Measures field that are included in the source. (Note, however, that what is appended may not be the exact test or concept measure you were seeking. This search looks for whatever is listed in the field.) For example, anxiety and appended.