Excel for Business Majors: Home

What you will find in this Guide

In this guide you will find some information about how you can make use of Microsoft Excel. This includes books that are available in Milne Library, video tutorials, and other online resources. Hopefully you will be able to use this guide to either expand your existing Microsoft Excel knowledge or to help you to learn about Excel for the first time. Excel is a very useful tool both for personal and professional purposes. 

Online Learning Tools

  • Microsoft's website has a help center specifically for Excel.
  • Youtube can be a wonderful resource for Excel help. There are numerous videos and channels devoted to teaching about Excel. There are videos of all different lengths that explain Excel concepts to varying levels of specificity. This means that whether you're looking for a general understanding of a function or you want to know a lot of details about it, there is likely to be a video for your need!


Excel has a lot of very useful and easy to use templates. 

Excel Templates include:

  • Personal Finance Tools
    • Budgets, Loan amortization schedules, To-Do Lists, Travel Budgets, Checkbook register, Meal Planner, Project Planner, 
  • Business Templates
    • T-account ledger, Time sheets, Expense reports, Accounts payable ledger

Excel for Mac Users

This video was produced by Alan Weaver. 


  • If you are having problems with a function, remember that you can click the "Insert Function button" to the left of the Formula Bar. 
  • Remember to use color sparingly and with purpose. Some find it useful to use a color to indicate that a cell contains data, as opposed to containing a function.