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Excel for Business Majors: Skills Employers want you to know

Skills Employers may want you to know

  • PivotTables- a type of table that is useful for analyzing data
  • Sorting and Filtering- sorts and filters data
  • Conditional Formatting- formats cells depending on certain criteria
  • String or Text Functions- this page lists many frequently used string and text functions. Including LEFT, RIGHT, MID, and CONCAT. 
  • Date arithmetic- for example, how to determine the number of days between two dates
  • Financial functions- this video covers, in-depth, some of the basic financial functions. While it is a long video, it does have a table of contents in the description so you can jump to the parts that you are interested in learning. It covers functions such as PMT, RATE, CUMIPMT, NPER, and FV.
  • VLOOKUP- finds data in a specified column, based on the information entered
  • HLOOKUP- finds data in a specified row, based on the information entered
  • INDEX/ MATCH- an alternative to VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP

Your Excel Spreadsheets should have:

  • Clear labels
  • No extraneous information

Conditional Formatting Video

This video is produced by 

This video is produced by ExcelIsFun. 

Pivot tables book