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SBDC Resources at the University Library: Useful Library databases

As a member of the general public, you may not know that you have the right to on-site access to Milne library databases and resources. This guide will provide useful links for research, contact information for the Business Librarian, and a summary of res


Databases can only be accessed while you are physically on campus and using a public access computer, due to the legal restrictions in our contracts with the companies. 

Databases (and what to use them for)

How to use databases

There are a couple of rules that all the databases tend to follow.

  • Search using key concepts rather than complete sentences
    • For example, don't use "Does advertising on social media drive up sales for small shoe companies?"
    • Use "Advertising AND "social media" AND sales AND shoes"
  • Put phrases such as "social media" in quotes.
  • Connect concepts using AND. This tells the database to find articles containing all of the words connected by AND.
  • On the left or right side of each database is a number of checkboxes. These are similar to the filters used in online shopping sites like Amazon: they zoom in on the exact type of product (or in this case, article) that you need.