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PLSC 120: Comparative Politics: Home

Today's Class


Learning Objectives

Today we will be exploring resources to assist you with researching a country. 

By the end of today's session, you will be able to:

  • differentiate scholarly, peer-reviewed articles from popular, non-scholarly sources
  • locate scholarly, peer-reviewed articles in the library's databases

Search Tip Slides

Need a reminder of how to construct a search? Here are the search tips slides for a refresher.

As you get set up...

As you get settled, go to this Padlet link and answer the question!

Scholarly Article Activity

Go to the Google Drive folder and create a copy of the "Article Ranking Worksheet" for your group to use. In the folder, there are four articles for you to rank in order from most scholarly (#1) to least scholarly (#4). Use the criteria on the Popular Vs. Scholarly Sources LibGuide and from our discussion to guide you.


Some questions to consider when ranking the articles:

-Who wrote the article? What are their credentials? (Google is your friend here!)

-Where is the article published? What type of audience is it geared towards?

-How long is the article? What kind of citations are there?

Contact your librarian

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