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Find News: Recommended News Sources

A guide to finding current and historical news from newspapers and news sources from around the world.

Recommended Resouces

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News Sources

Search Google for Official Sites by Locale


Advanced Search

When looking for official country, state or city websites, a good rule of thumb is to limit your domain (within the advanced search) to the appropriate abbreviation.

For country sites, refer to a list of country-specific domains.  Add your topic to Google and add site:fr (if France is the country of choice).

For state sites, limit the domain to state.state (i.e. Add your topic to Google and add

For county/city/town sites, the process isn't as cut and dry.  Try adding your topic, the name of the city of interest and limit to the appropriate state.  For example, a Google search might be health Rochester  Some cities/towns will list their websites under of (i.e.  Others will use a .org (i.e.,,  Even still, cities may refer to the broader county is which they're located (i.e.,

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