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Welcome to Milne Library's Guide to finding Resources in Law.


This guide will direct you to the top resources in the field, and it will help to clarify some of the potential issues that may arise while using those resources.  Please note that many of the databases in this field are relatively difficult to use, make sure to seek out assistance if you have any questions.

Bills Currently in the Senate

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Bills Currently in the House of Representatives

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Getting Started


One of the priorities for finding law materials is identifying what type of material you need before you get started.  Typical books and articles will be found like materials in other subject areas, but bills, public laws, case information, case reviews, and congressional documents such as the Congressional Record and Congressional Hearings are all found in different places.

Research Help

Law is not an easy subject to research, especially for people new to the subject.  For help finding law resources, make sure to sign up for a Research Consultation

Bills presented to the President

If no links are provided, then no legislation is currently waiting on presidential approval.

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