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Instructional Design: Poll Everywhere

Instructional Design Guide

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an easy to use software that allows you to ask you a question and have students answer it. You can either see the answers live as it is answered or collect the data to present later. Poll Everywhere allows you students to answer via text message, twitter or other social media.The free software allows you to record up to 25 responses per poll. It is quick, free  and easy to use. To sign up click on the link above!

Poll Everywhere also contains a grading function and allows you to add more responses per poll for a cost per month. If you are interested in the other features that Poll Everywhere has, click the "Additional Features" button below.

Poll Everywhere in the Classroom

College Application

“higher education is heavily reliant on summative assessments.  The ability to better gauge the understanding of students during a semester can be created through the use of live audience response systems.  Poll Everywhere is a system that provides professors the ability to conduct formative assessments.  Overcrowded, undergraduate lecture classes can be transformed to a student-centered learning opportunity through periodic checks for understanding.  Placing students first by focusing less on direct instruction and more on engaging students in the content is easily accomplished through Poll Everywhere’s text messaging system.  Using cell phones that students already carry, they can answer questions that show their knowledge through the use of polls”. –

How to use Poll Everywhere

Professors Thoughts