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Search with GLOCAT and make IDS Requests

How to use GLOCAT to search our Library Catalog, and how to use IDS to request items from other libraries.

The "Get It" button 

The  button will allow you to request books or physical materials. Perform a search in GLOCAT, then, click the title of your interest from the list of results. Now, in the item's page, scroll down the page until you find the "How to Get It" section. Click on "Get IT" to solicit the material. 

Request an article from the library's homepage


To do an IDS Request from the library's homepage click the "Advanced Search" button. Advanced Search will allow you to scope your search to the entire collective catalog of all SUNY libraries or WorldCat and to limit your search by the material type such as, "Books", "Journals" or "Articles".

After pulling up the results of your search, click the record that appeals to you. After doing this, you will find an "GET IT" button. Clicking this button will take you to to an interlibrary loan form that should fill out automatically. Hit the green "Send Request" button and you're all set. (See image below)


Manually fill out the form 

(1) Another way to request materials through IDS is by clicking on the "IDS Request" tab of the blue menu bar. 

(2) Then, fill out the form. You are only required to input the fields with an * next to them; however, information from the other fields helps the IDS staff. When you are done inputting information, click "Send Request". 

Request an article from a database

Articles can still be requested via the blue "Get It" button in our databases. A database may not contain a full-text PDF of the article you are looking for. If you see the "Get It" button, it means the article is available in another database, or that you might need to request it via IDS.

The turnaround time for receiving an article via IDS is 24–48 hours, sometimes sooner. Articles will be sent to your

SUNY Geneseo email address, or you may log in to your IDS account to download the article(s).