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Search with GLOCAT and make IDS Requests

How to use GLOCAT to search our Library Catalog, and how to use IDS to request items from other libraries.

Simple Search

Similar to Google search box, type in keywords for titles, authors or subjects. For more than one word, use quotes. For example, "sustainable tourism." To perform more precise searches, select "Advanced Search." 

Image of Basic Search Box in GLOCAT

Advanced Search 

Advanced search allows you to limit your searches from the beginning and it is often used when you already know what are you looking for. For example, a cartoon of the impressionist painter Claude Monet or an article about sustainability in tourism.

Image of Advanced Search box in GLOCAT

When performing an advanced search you can select

(1) The collection you want to search

(2) The type of source you want to retrieve

(3) The language you want the resource to be

(4) The date the resource was created.

Using this features of advanced search will help you target what you are searching for. 

Limiting your search

Use the drop down menu in the search box to limit your search to one of the following: WorldCat, SUNY Catalog, Milne Search, Course Reserve or TERC Colletction.

For example, if you want to retrieve an article from the databases of Milne Library, select "Milne Search" to limit the results to Milne Library and its databases. 

Modifying search results

Image showing list of search results and methods to filter results by keyword, availability, category, and relevance

A useful way to narrow your results is to Modify your search with filters. In the results page go to the left column to refine the search results by subject, material type, start date/end date, etc. 

Personalize" your results

GLOCAT allows you to "Personalize" your results by focusing your search on your preferred disciplines.

How it works? After you performed a search, on top of the list of results, you will find a button named "Personalize", click on it. Then, select up to 5 disciplines and click "Personalized It". See video to learn how to "Personalize" your results and to disable it.