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Open Access and OER

This guide covers the multifaceted ecosystem of open education and scholarship in higher education, which includes Open Access (OA), Open Educational Resources (OER), and Open Publishing.

While there are many search platforms available and dedicated solely to discovering and locating OER in some way or another, OER materials are becoming increasingly visible in mainstream search repositories and engines like Google, YouTube, and Flickr. The advanced search features of these platforms include search via license or usage rights filters. Give this a try next time you’re browsing these sites!

—adapted from “Open Educational Resources: Where can I find OER?

Discovering and locating OER

Open Textbooks

Open Courses

Open Course Modules

Images and Multimedia

Search Repositories

Adapting and creating OER

One of the great benefits of OER is that they can be adapted to your needs. From rearranging chapters to adding material within your own area of expertise, these customizations can be extremely helpful for your students. Contact the library if you want help adapting an OER you’ve located.

Additionally, maybe you’ve adapted or created material you’re ready to share. We can guide you through selecting a Creative Commons license, deciding on a format, and choosing how and where to share your materials. 

Milne Library Publishing also provides SUNY Geneseo faculty, students, and staff access to the publishing platform, Pressbooks. This online publishing software built on WordPress is perfect for adapting open texts, collaborative student projects, and annotating public domain texts.

To request access, fill out the form linked below, or contact Allison Brown for more information:

Getting help at Geneseo

Looking for high quality, innovative learning materials?

Need help with text, media, and other digital assets?

OER can help, providing an array of free and vetted educational material for teaching, learning, and research purposes. 

OER are an affordable option from conventional textbooks, and users can add or create such content as 

  • Content modules 
  • Course material 
  • Journal articles

Contact Fraser Hall Library at with your OER-related questions.