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PLSC 344: Climate Change Leadership

Database Recommendations

In your groups, evaluate your assigned database using the Database Recommendations Worksheet.

1. In your first group (e.g. Red 1, Yellow 2, etc.), answer the questions on the Google Doc:

  • Look at the description of your database. What dates does this database cover? What topics are covered?

  • Run a search for “carbon tax” in your database. Which types of information (scholarly articles, reports, trade journals, etc.) are available?

  • Skim through the titles of the results. Do they seem relevant to what you searched for? How many results does your search have?

  • What type of information (background information, statistics/data, analysis, etc.) is this database likely to provide?

  • Find a resource on the South African carbon tax. Play around with any filters to narrow down your results. Which database features (beyond just the search bar) did you find most helpful in your search?

  • On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to recommend this resource to a friend? What do you like/dislike about it?

2. In your second group (e.g. 1-8), teach your group mates all about your database!

  • Walk them through the answers to the questions, and refer to the database to back up your answers. As a group, try to come to a consensus about the best databases for 1) background information, 2) reports, and 3) scholarly articles. Be ready to share your picks with the rest of the class!

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