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PSYC 395: Community Internship

Psychology Librarian

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Max Sparkman
Fraser Hall 203A
(585) 245-5593

When to Use Websites/Google

If you're looking for professional information, you could search Google or check out some of the websites listed below. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to evaluate any website you find for credibility - see Selecting Sources for more information.


Professional or trade sources are usually written by practitioners in a field, and tend to cover trends, news, and practical applications. These sources are typically not trying to present new theories or research - they focus on delivering information practitioners can apply to their work.

Recommended Websites

Searching for Websites

While searching, you can tell Google to only look for specific site domains.

  • If you're looking for government agencies, add to your search.
  • For non-profits, add

Keep in mind that a domain is not automatically an indication of the information quality - you can find good information on a .com website or bad information on a .org website. It's up to you to evaluate what you find before deciding if it's worth using.