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PSYC 395: Community Internship


Welcome to Library Research Instruction for PSYC 395! 

Hi everyone,

I created this module to assist you with your final paper. You will learn how to: 

  • conduct background research to identify topics of interest;
  • determine what types of sources are best for your paper; and
  • locate credible and relevant sources

This module consists of both text and videos for you to read. I suggest carefully viewing and reading everything – it will make writing your literature review easier.

If you have any questions as you work through this module and assignment, please do not hesitate to schedule a research consultation appointment with me!

Assignment Scope

You will need at least 5 peer reviewed sources published within the past 10 years (nothing older than 2012!) for your literature review.

From your syllabus:

1) Overview (1-2 pgs): Describe the purpose of your agency, the population served, and your duties as an intern. Then briefly reflect on these experiences using your journal from across the semester. You may focus on what were you doing and how you thought/felt about it; the successes and challenges you had; what you learned about yourself/others; or the kinds of settings in which you are likely to succeed.

2) Thesis + Lit Review: Then, dig deeper into something you learned or observed throughout internship. What does current research say about what you did or saw this semester? About the larger field your internship/field supervisor belongs to? Using relevant academic literature, find and incorporate a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources from the last 10 years in addition to any relevant sources from class.

3) Synthesis (2-4 pgs): The paper will conclude with a synthesis of parts 1 and 2 demonstrating how the academic literature relates to and reflects your internship experiences. For example, what are your observations about the realities encountered at your internship site and how do these meet or run counter to theories, procedures, and recommendations in the literature?