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INTD 205: Business Communication: Finding Articles

Using Databases to find Journal Articles

Many of the journals you will use in your research are available online through article databases. Databases gather those electronic journals together, usually by subject, and allow you to search many journals for articles on specific topics or by particular authors.  

Getting full-text articles from journal databases:

Place a request wherever you see the blue  button or by logging into your IDS account.
  • If Milne has it, we'll get it and deliver it to you (usually within 1-2 days).
  • Otherwise, we'll try to get it from another library or vendor (usually within 3-7 days).
We'll notify you via email when your items arrive, or if we run into any difficulties. 


Find Articles (Recommended Databases)

 Use one or more of these databases to locate articles on a topic.  IMPORTANT!  When you try to use a resource from off campus, you will be prompted for your Geneseo ID and password (this is the same ID and password you use to access myCourses and your geneseo email account). Once that's verified, you'll get a link to begin using the database.

Quotations marks (" ") will group words as a phrase, ensuring they appear next to each other in the record. For example: "Corporate Speak" or "constructive criticism."

An Asterisk (*) at the end of a term will allow you to search for different forms of a word with what you enter as a base.  For example: econ* will return results for economy, economic, economics, economist, economical, etc.

Check out our how to guide for even more search tips.

Research Consultations for Distance Learners

Virtual Meeting: I would be happy to meet with you virtually using the medium in which you are most comfortable (Skype, Elluminate, or GoTo Meeting, Google Talk, AIM Video IM, etc...).  If you don't know which of these to use, don't panic, we can work that out together. Use the "Schedule a research consultation" link below and be sure to mention that you're requesting a virtual meeting when you tell me about the assignment for which your are seeking assistance.

Contact your librarian

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