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INTD 205: Business Communication: Finding Books

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Borrowing from SUNY Geneseo: Students who are currently enrolled in an online course at SUNY Geneseo can choose to either pick up your books from Milne Library or have your books mailed to your address via USPS Priority Mail. Contact the IDS Office for more details about this service and check out the FAQs for Library Resources for Online Classes.

Borrowing from other libraries: If you live near an academic library in New York State, you may be able to borrow and return items onsite.  All SUNY/CUNY libraries shoud check-out books to you based upon your Geneseo ID.  Borrowing priviledges from other libraries will be subject to the policies of each particular library so you will need to check with them in advance. Remember:  you will be responsible for returning any items that you borrow from another institution.

Keep in mind that the shipment of physical copies of books can be time consuming, thus it is recommended that you use eBooks and journal articles as much as possible.  The boxes below can help you locate eBooks from Milne and via Google.

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An electronic copy of many books can be found online via Google Book search as well.  Google has scanned over 10 million books which may be searched and viewed online.

Google Book Search

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