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Local and SUNY Geneseo History: SUNY Geneseo History


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Histories of SUNY Geneseo (available via Information Delivery Services)

  • SUNY Geneseo: From Normal School to Public Ivy, 1871-2007by Wayne Mahood, et al.(Virginia Beach, VA: Donning, 2008)
  • The Stone Strength of the Pastby Rosalind R. Fisher (Wm. J. Keller Inc., 1971)
  • Special Issue Commemorating the Centennial of the State University College of Arts and Science at Geneseo, New York (Geneseo, NY: Sanders Publications)
  • Brief History of the State University Teachers College, Geneseo, NYby Clayton Mau; compiled by James L. McNally (Geneseo, NY: SUNY Geneseo, 1956, 2001)
  • 50th Anniversary/The Lamron, Geneseo State Normal School, ed. by Helen S. Heermans, (Geneseo, NY: The Lamron, 1921)

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