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PLSC 140: International Politics - Ibrahim: International News

Search Tips

Determining the source of information is critical when exploring bias.

When using Lexis-Nexis

  1. Click on the "Source information" icon  that appears at the bottom of each article to see publisher information for the source.
  2. Use "within paragraph" instead of "and" to help narrow your search. 
  3. Limit to just the news sources from your specific country (Click on Sources, Browse Sources, then filter by your country).

For news sources found online, search their website for clues about it's country of origin.

  1. Look for a "Contact us" or "About us Page."
  2. Phone numbers: to determine from which country the contact phone number originates using
  3. URL: Use a list of country code domain names to determine from which country the web address originates.
  4. Use Google Translate or Bing Translator to decipher information in other languages.

Sources from some countries with political/social unrest may be operating/reporting from outside the country.

Note: BBC Country Profiles allows you to search for media outlets for many countries.  Search for your country, then click on the "Media" tab to see a list of media published in that country.  You can perform a Google News Archive Search limiting to just those sources.

Or, Limit a newspaper search in Google Advanced to the specific country code of your country of choice.

Recommended Resouces

Online Resources for International News Sources