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Education (Lesson Planning Resources): EDUC 215: Foundations of Literacy

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Search Terms: Finding Research Articles on Literacy Strategies

Search Terms

  1. General: "literacy strategies" OR "literacy methods" OR "literacy instruction" OR "disciplinary literacy"
  2. Subject-specific: "literacy strategies" AND math*
  3. Text-specific: "primary sources" AND "literacy instruction", "science nonfiction" AND "literacy instruction"
  4. Optional grade levels: "high school" OR secondary" NOT college

The OWL at Purdue: Quick APA Style Help

Content-Area Professional Organizations & Journals/Magazines

Journal Search in GLOCAT


To look for a journal go to the blue bar at the top of the webpage and click on "Search Journal". A search box like the one below will appear.

Then, type in the keywords or title of the journal, browse the results and click on the journal title of your interest to see the complete electronic access options. Once in the journal record scroll down to the "View Online" section and click the "Show License" button.  Then, click one of the "Full Text Availability" options to check for dates available. Clicking any of these options will take out of GLOCAT and land you into the database that host the journal. (See video below)

Another way to search for journal is to type in the keywords in the basic search box and then "Modify Your Results" by "Material type: Journals". 

Recommended Education Databases

To find scholarly journals that are focused on teaching in a specific subject area visit this research guide on Research Resources: Professional Literature.