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Education (Lesson Planning Resources): Lesson Planning

Who Am I Teaching?

Identify the cognitive, social, emotional, cultural, physical characteristics of your students (age, gender, family composition, cultural customs, learning styles, etc.) as these relate to teaching and learning.

Online videos:


Search terms to keep in mind:

Inclusive Education, Multicultural Education/Diversity, Learning Disabilities, Multiple Intelligences, Child Development, Affective Teaching, and Classroom Management.

Why Do I Choose Certain Sources Over Others?

Sample evaluation criteria for ALL teacher and student materials:

  • Accuracy of content
  • Author credentials
  • Publisher (give special attention to materials published by national teacher organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of English)
  • Publication date
  • Appropriateness of content and activities for pupils’ age and abilities

How Do I Teach?

What methods and materials do I use?

Methods include teaching stategies, learning activities, evaluation/assessment of teaching and learning, classroom management (logistics of time, place, managing student behavior, etc.

Use a variety of classroom materials (textbooks, videos, games, cds, software, manipulatives, etc). to help you to reach students who learn in diverse ways.

TIP: In GLOCAT choose the TERC tab to limit your results!

What Do I Teach?

Identify broad long-term curricular goals as well as specific shorter-term (lesson) objectives.

Includes understandings, concepts, skills, facts, theories, attitudes that might be taught explicitly or implicitly, intentionally or unintentionally.

Standards and Core Curriculum links:

Books on the Common Core