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Education (Lesson Planning Resources): Websites

Online Teaching Resources

Multi-Disciplinary Sites

Teaching with Technology Sites

*For Subject Specific Online Resources visit the finding teaching materials by subject pages.

Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

General Resources

Evalutating Websites


Writing Style--citations, grammar, precise writing rather than generalizations, no personal attacks rather than answering an argument.

Author--what are the author's credentials? (e.g. Education, Background and Employer. What else have they published?  *Check WorldCat, Google Scholar & Article Databases like ProQuest, PsychInfo, or Scopus).

Read--read the information and decide for yourself. Synthesis distinguishes research from reports.
Purpose--(look for "About us") Any bias? Is it for commerce, to advocate or inform?

Date--Publication or Last Revision Date

WARP'D Evaluation Checklist